What Patients Are Saying About Dr. Bober

Antoinette Donohue

This was the first time I ever had to see a podiatrist. The office assistant- KIM- realizing that I was in terrible pain managed to squeeze me in the same day! Dr. Boder was able to explain and treat my foot pain. I have no complaints, and highly recommend.

Strider H

This is the go to for foot care. Dr. Bober is extremely knowledgeable and explained my issues abd what I need to follow up on to keep my feet healthy. The staff is really excellent as well.

Michael Collins

I've been a patient of Dr Jeff Bober for over 3 years now at his Belvedere, Baltimore location. As a diabetic you want the best foot care as possible. Dr. Bober, goes above and beyond when it comes to his patients! Along with extraordinary foot care, Ms. Kim, an excellent asset. She always make sure that my appointments are scheduled within the time frame for proper foot care for my diabetes. I am so grateful to Dr Bober and Ms. Kim!

Bryon Buckland

My name is Bryon Buckland. I live in Glen Burnie, Maryland. Dr. Jeff had me in for a visit the exact same day I called him which was very convenient. While I was in his office, he listened to everything I had to say, describing my problem, and he gave me three different choices for remedies. He was not quick for surgery which most doctors are. He was a very down to earth Doctor Who treated you like a patient not just another number. Period...

Edward Igbokwe

I am glad I went to see Dr. Bober for my left painful 4th sore toe resulting from a hammertoe surgery on the 2nd left toe, that had properly healed. He relived the pain by fixing an in grown toe nail. The ease of seeing him and getting care on the same day is appreciated, sparing me a pain-free weekend. I will recommend him for his expert care. Thanks.

Most Valuable Painters

Amazing provider! Dr. Bober is attentive, charismatic and very very patient. Front desk Kim, his "manager" as he calls her, is very sweet, informative and professional. About his website, I loved how I was able to make an appointment online even having the same day option. Great practice! So happy I found them. (Kudos also to Ultron. A very calm and caring fellow)

Medical treatment for a variety of foot & ankle conditions Complete surgical treatment for a variety of foot & ankle conditions Pediatric & Elderly Foot Care

Offering complete medical and surgical treatment for a variety of foot & ankle conditions

Offering complete medical and surgical treatment for a variety of foot & ankle conditions

Offering complete medical and surgical treatment for a variety of foot & ankle conditions

Podiatric Treatments & Procedures

Trusted Expert in Foot Care

Podiatrist Jeffrey Bober, DPM has a refreshingly practical and honest approach to helping his patients get better. He uses proven, traditional treatments he has perfected over 30 years to take care of his patients’ foot and ankle conditions promptly and efficiently. His aim is to FIX the problem, not just nurse it.

Although Dr. Bober has thousands of happy patients, not one of them feels like just a number. That’s because Dr. Bober provides a more intimate office setting-allowing him ample time with each patient to explain their condition and treatment options. Also, Dr. Bober’s easy and good-natured personality goes a long way in easing any fear his patients may have. He believes that good relationships yield better outcomes.

Dr. Bober, our Foot Doctor, treats all foot and ankle conditions. He can diagnose and treat foot diseases and deformities, as well as perform medical, surgical, and other operative procedures. He can also prescribe corrective devices, as well as prescribe and administer drugs and physical therapy. His reputation for resolving painful foot conditions expeditiously brings many patients to his office.

Dr. Bober’s office is conveniently located on Oakwood Road, near Baltimore Washington Medical Center on Hospital Drive. His long-term staff is personable and friendly. They are experts in all insurance matters and can usually accommodate new patient visits within one week. All waiting, exam, and surgery rooms are clean, comfortable, and outfitted with iPads and electronic wall boards where patients can learn about different podiatric issues and treatment options.

If you are looking for a sensible and effective solution for your foot or ankle problem, call Dr. Bober. He’s the real deal.

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